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Birdhouses (Treetop Sampler)

Release date: December, 1998

Stitch count: 248H x 110W
Model stitched on: 28 count Ice Blue Monaco from Charles Craft
Model size: 17.75" x 7.90"

Chart: computer generated
Kit: not available
Leaflet: not available
Downloadable chart: available

Available via Patterns OnLine.com ONLY.

©Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215

Description: A unique bellpull-format design featuring five realistically portrayed songbirds, their favored foliage, and their birdhouses: a chickadee with holly, a house wren with blueberries, a bluebird with raspberries, a titmouse with locust, and a nuthatch with oak. The birds' names are backstitched in the blocks that separate the scenes, and a leaf and berry border finishes the design.

Background Information: Before I started doing research for this design, I didn't have a clue that each species of bird prefers a certain type of birdhouse. According to the experts, a birdhouse should as closely as possible mimic the preferred nesting preferences of a bird in the wild. So, if you want to attract Eastern bluebirds, for example, you should provide a nesting box of untreated wood with a floor area no smaller than 4" X 4" , with an entrance hole 1" in diameter (no perch), and a roof overhang of 5" (to discourage predators). It should ideally be located no less than 5' from the ground on a slippery (or waxed) post/pole (again, to discourage predators) in a half meadow, half woodlot area. Another interesting part of the reasearch was choosing a favored foliage/food source for each bird that was accurate... and chartable. All in all, a very enlightening project!

Stitching Comments: I would rate this design of medium difficulty: it has the usual quota of quarter stitches and blended floss colors. Because the design is broken up into 5 different scenes, it should prove more interesting to stitch...and when you get bored, you can always switch to the border with its satin stitch leaves and diamond eyelets for a change of pace.

Specialty Stitches: satin stitch, diamond eyelet, french knot

Important Tips: Charting Technique, Large Designs, Organizing Floss, Specialty Stitches, Miscellaneous Tips

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