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Release date: June, 1988

Stitch count: 162H x 254W
Model stitched on: 27-count natural brown linen from Norden Crafts
Model size: 11.25" x 18"

Chart: Hand drawn originally. Now computer generated.
Leaflet: not available
Kit: not available
Downloadable chart: available

Available via Patterns OnLine.com ONLY.

©Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215

Description: Intricately detailed carved horses parade endlessly to old-time organ music under the striped canopy of this ornate antique carousel. The floss colors are slightly faded, like the paint on your favorite carousel's spirited mounts, magically frozen in time... ...Careful!!! Don't lean out too far...you can almost reach that brass ring...just a little farther...

Background Information: What is more magical than a carousel?...It is fantasy made manifest. No wonder carousels are loved by adults as well as children. This design was inspired by the art of the carousel that flourished around the turn of the century. Particularly inspiring to me is the "Philadelphia" style, which, at its height, featured highly realistic carvings of all types of animals, including horses. During the carousel's "golden age", the various carousel manufacturers and their gifted carvers attempted to out-do each other with ever-more delicate and refined carvings, and ever-more fabulous carousel frame decoration. Of course, only a few full carousels survive intact today, carefully tended, and still much-loved. My design is an attempt to capture some of that magic...and a few of the memories...

Stitching Comments: This piece has lots of quarter stitches, but the floss list is fairly small, with only a few blends. You may opt for a lighter color fabric for this design, as the natural linen is quite dark and "antique", which makes the floss colors appear very muted.

Specialty Stitches: lazy-daisy

Important Tips: Charting Technique, Large Designs, Miscellaneous Tips

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