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Magazine Designs Listing

These designs appeared in various needlework publications.

(*) denotes a design which was eventually released as a leaflet/kit, and the copyright is owned by ©Leisure Arts, PO Box 5595, Little Rock, AR 72215. All rights reserved.

(#) next to a design title means that the copyright for the design is owned by : ©Just CrossStitch Magazine, 405 Riverhills Business Park, Birmingham, AL 35242. All rights reserved.

All other designs are owned and copyrighted by ęTW Designworks, PO Box 176, Montoursville 17754. All rights reserved.

If you are looking for the Magazines and Books Checklist, it is here.

Publication Key:
CSM: Country Stitch Monthly
JCS: Just Cross Stitch Magazine
FTLOCS: For the Love of Cross Stitch
SW: Stitcher's World
MN: McCall's Needlework

Design Name
CSM May 1989 A wagon-load of white rabbits: for sale!
ABC Bunny (#) CSM Nov 1988 A bunny surrounded by an alphabet border.
Alexander & Amanda (aka: Abigail) JCS
Mar 1988
A boy and a girl in Victorian garb riding rocking horses. 2 designs.
Along Life's Way (#) JCS Jun 1989 An elegant reminder to enjoy life's riches.
Autumn Welcome (#) JCS Oct 1989 Mirror-image squirrels and autumn tones highlight this welcome design.
*Birdhouse Bellpull
(aka: Treetop Sampler)
JCS Aug 1998 A bellpull comprised of 5 different birds and their houses.
Carousel Goat (#) CSM Mar 1989 A menagerie animal from an antique carousel.
Carousel Horse (#) CSM Jan 1989 A "stander" steed from an antique carousel.
Carousel Rabbit (#) CSM Feb 1989 A menagerie animal from an antique carousel.
Cat and the Flower Box (#) CSM Nov 1988 A cat sits dreaming on a windowsill.
Celtic Cross JCS(Ornament) 2000 A celtic-inspired cross finished as an ornament.
Child's Heart (#) JCS Jun 1990 A simple design featuring words of wisdom...

Christmas Animals (#)

JCS Dec 1989 A trio of tiny animal ornaments.
Christmas Teddy Bear (#) CSM Dec 1988 A teddy bear amidst gift wrappings.
*Day Lilies JCS Aug 1991 A floral cross stitch "study".
Delft Flowers (#) JCS Aug 1996 A delicate design of flowers in shades of delft blue.
*Dragon Ride SW Aug 1999 A rider sits astride a colorful dragon.
Duck Family (#) CSM Sep 1988 Mamma duck and her youngsters.
Elf and Teddy Bear (#) CSM Nov 1988 An elf ties a holiday bow on a teddy.
Elf and Flower (#) JCS Apr 1989 An elf naps amid the lily leaves.
*English Garden Welcome
(aka: Welcome)
JCS Jun 1999 A "welcome" design featuring a rose border, and an idyllic garden scene.
Faithful Friends (#) JCS Oct 1990 A girl is followed by her cat.
Floral Bouquet (#) CSM Summer 1988 An antique bowl and pitcher holds a bouquet of flowers.
*Fruit Bellpull JCS Aug, Oct, Dec 1993 A bellpull featuring 6 different fruit panels.
*Gabriel JCS Dec 1998 A powerful Byzantine-style angel.
Geometric (#) JCS Jun 1988 A simple geometric with hearts and flowers.
Gingerbread House (#) JCS Dec 1988 A fanciful house with candy trim.
Grazing Bovines (#) CSM Oct 1988 A humorous study in black and white.
Greetings! (#) JCS Apr 1990 Silhouetted mirror-image swans.
Happy Holidays (#) CSM Oct 1989 A cozy fireside holiday scene.
Hearts and Squares (#) CSM Jan 1989 A very simple country-style design.
He Who Indulges (#) JCS Aug 1990 A cute pig...indulging!
Holiday Jar Lids (#) JCS Dec 1989 Toppers for home-made gifts.
In a Garden
JCS Jun 1994 A sunny summer garden scene.
Joyous Noel (#) JCS Dec 1989 A small design featuring a partridge.
Lily Maiden JCS Apr 1993 A winged fairie alights among the lily-of-the-valley.
Merry Christmas Cat (#)
JCS Dec 1990 A be-ribboned kitty and greeting.
Morning Glories (#) CSM Summer 1988 Blue morning glories twine against a trellis patterned background.
*Nativity JCS Dec 1999 The holy family with a protective angel standing over them.
*Noah's Ark Sampler JCS Feb 1998 The ark and an alphabet surrounded by an over-one animal border.
Old Barn (#) JCS Oct 1996 A realistically rendered New England barn.
*Oriental Poppies JCS Jun 1993 Flamboyant poppies inside a tracery border.
Pennsylvania Dutch Heart (#) JCS Apr 1994 A traditional PA Dutch design of bird, heart and flower motifs.
Playful Kittens (#)
CSM Dec 1989 Two mischevious kittens at play.
Persian Floral JCS Feb 1999 A formal floral design with a Middle Eastern flair.
Regal Peacocks (#) JCS Feb 1989 Stylized mirror image peacocks in jewel tones.
Schoolhouse JCS Aug 1994 The quintessential little red schoolhouse of bygone days.
Shepherding Companions JCS Oct 1989 A pair of quaint designs: a shepherdess and her sheep, and a goose girl with her charges.
Snoozing Bear (#) CSM Oct 1988 A teddy in a striped night-shirt snoozes in a rocking chair.
Spring Celebration (#) CSM May 1989 Animal youngsters celebrate spring's arrival.
Square Mosaic (#) CSM May 1989 A design inspired by lacy mosiac tile designs.
*Tapestry Cat JCS Aug 1999 An elegant long haired feline within an intricate tapestry border.
*Tea and Tarts
(Tea Scene)
JCS Apr 1998 A colorfully decorated teapot and cup atop a hardanger-trimmed tablecloth.
Think Snow! (#) JCS Dec 1989 A polar bear is wishful thinking!
Thistle Sampler (#) CSM Sep 1988 A small sampler with a thistle motif.
To Everything There is a Season (#) JCS Oct 1988 A simple reminder from the book of Ecclesiastes, 3:1.
Tole Heart (#) CSM Feb 1989 A PA Dutch-inspired design.
Touch of Holly, A (#) JCS Dec 1996 A collection of elegant holly-accented ornaments.
Tulip Basket (#) CSM May 1989 Tulips in a rustic basket.
Victorian Portrait MN Feb 1994 An over-one oval portrait of a Victorian lady.
Victorian Roses
(part of Victorian Elegance)
FTLOCS Oct 1998 A romantic ruffled nosegay of old-fashioned flowers.
Weathervane (#) JCS Aug 1989 A simple design of a weathervane, and symbols of the four seasons.
Welcome(#) CSM Sep 1988 A simple Welcome design.


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