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The Minstrel

Release date: August, 2003


Stitch count: 166H X 214W
Model stitched on: 28-count Ivory Lugana from Zweigart®
Model size: @ 11-7/8" X 15-1/4"

Chart: computer generated
Chartpack: not available
Kit: not available

©Teresa Wentzler, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754. All rights reserved.

Description: A wandering minstrel rests under the shade of a tree and serenades a curious and very colorful dragon. An interesting border featuring specialty stitches and beads finishes the design.

Background Information: I most enjoy creating designs with illustrative qualities: I prefer that my designs tell a story. This particular scene is one that I've always wanted to bring to life... Are they travelling together? Is this a chance meeting? Exactly what could he being playing/singing that a dragon would so enjoy?...

This story was written by Kathy Geddes Bonham while she was stitching the model for me (It appears here with her permission.):

    "I have a friend who visits with me quite often. Her name is Lilianna Dragonfly and she lives in Sparkle City. One day when she was visiting I was stitching away on The Minstrel and she fell in love with him--seriously in love. In her opinion he was just perfect for her-- his musical talent, his calming influence, his grace--and he was also just the right size. She began visitng every day sitting on my shoulder while I stitched, watching him come to life. It began to look like I was never going to finish. As I stitched on the tree and the groundcover, it seemed that the more I did the more there was to do. The confetti was never ending it seemed. It was almost as if it were growing! Then one night I discovered a secret. Each time I got up to eat, sleep or even go to the bathroom, Lilianna was frogging what I had stitched. It seems that she knew that when he was finished he would go away and she would never see him again. She thought if she kept frogging then I would never finish it and her "love" would be safe. I finally convinced her that if she would let me finish this one for you that I would stitch another one--just for her. So tonight..... I finished it!!! And you know, Lilianna was right! He is perfect!"

Stitching Comments: This design isn't terribly large, but like most of my designs, it has lots to keep an experienced stitcher happy: fractional stitches, blended floss colors, some metallics, specialty stitches, and beads. And if you enjoy fantasy and dream about meeting a dragon someday...well!... you should enjoy stitching this design!

NOTE: A fine art giclee of the pen-and-ink drawing, "Serenade" (based on The Minstrel) is available for purchase!

Specialty Stitches: smyrna diamond, diamond eyelet, eyelet "flower", mosiac stitch, lazy daisy, attaching beads.

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